A Center For Adolescents: Specializing in Addiction Treatment

Our mission is to work with youth whose lives have become unmanageable because of a dependency on alcohol and/or drugs. We understand adolescent drug and alcohol rehabilitation, in fact we specialize in it. Our youth chemical dependency center provides specialized services which focus on the individual needs of each resident.

We work as a multidisciplinary team to meet the very individualized needs of each youth who enters into the treatment process. We know that each youth comes to us with very different life experiences and issues. We work as a team with the youth, to develop a plan to address each youth’s goals for the future.  By working together Rose Hill helps adolescents overcome their drug and alcohol use and being the process of recovery.

Teen Drug and alcohol rehabilitation begins with change. There must be a physical change as well as a psychological change. Your adolescent needs to be in a different environment that is unlike their current dwelling. Rose Hill is situated on 200 acres in a very private and peaceful setting. This tranquility allows for a treatment process that is free from the noises and distractions of densely populated environment. Your adolescent needs to be in an environment that allows them to reflect upon their life, envision a better tomorrow, and then regain their youth.

Our regional location also provides many benefits that are only available in our little corner of the world. Massena, NY is located in the Northwestern part of St. Lawrence County. St. Lawrence County rests between the foothills of the Adirondack park and the St Lawrence River. The close proximity of Rose Hill's treatment center to so many natural landmarks, allows Rose Hill the opportunity to engage your adolescent in treatment programs and activities that will open the adolescents mind up to a whole new world. One week we might take a hiking trip in the adirondack mountains, and another week we might take a boat ride on the St. Lawrence River to see Boldt Castle. Our natural surroundings and focused youth chemical dependency treatment creates the ideal environment to help your teen overcome their drug and alcohol addiction.

Psychological change begins by teaching our residents: Respect, Resilience, and Recovery. Respect for themselves and others, Resilience to overcome their addiction, and Recovery that can lead them to a brighter future. Adolescent drug and alcohol treatment requires specific and focused services, that take into account all of the circumstances that have contributed to your teens addiction to drugs and alcohol. Youth chemical dependency can be treated, and your teens life can improve. Our trained and experienced staff understands the youth’s mindset. We understand the drug treatment process for a 14 year old will differ from that of 17 year old. We understand what you are going through, and we can help. Trust your inpatient care to Rose Hill...providing quality inpatient rehabilitation services for youths since 1982.